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  • Tonko was born in an established horse family.
    His grandfather, Tonko Harm Barlagen, was one of the first breeders in Holland who started to experiment in the twenties with bloodhorses like arabs, thouroughbreds, trotters etc. As a rider and trainer he was his time far ahead.
    Tonko´s father, Derk Tonko, got his first riding-experience already in the early thirties on modern ´bloodhorses´. In the fifties he became wellknown as an international rider and trainer. His horses competed all over Europe with lots of succes.
    Tonko´s father was the Dutch national trainer from 1975 till 1986. Among his students are riders like Piet Raymakers, Bert Romp, Jan Broek, Dick Wieken etc.
    Tonko himself started early as a rider and won medals on national and European championships as a ponyrider, Junior and Young Rider.
    As a senior he competed up to international 2 star competitions.



Tonko has been a trainer since 1986. He has about 100 students in Germany. His students won several national and international championships. In the nineties he trained the national team of Greece.

He was the national trainer of Azerbaijan in 2005 and 2006. Other countries where Tonko gave clinics are China and Turkey.

On the European Championships of Children, Juniors and Young riders in Arezzo, Tonko had 5 students from 3 different countries! Since 2014 Tonko trains the juniors and young riders of Bulgaria and he has acted as the Bulgarian chef d´equipe on the European Junior championships.

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Tonko Barlagen, Leer, Germany
Tel: +49 173 646 2592